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McDonalds jobs snapchat

McDonald’s turns to Snapchat to hire millennials

If your company employs 106,000 people in Australia only and more than half of them are under the age of 18, where do you go to hire millennials? That’s right: McDonald’s, or Maccas as Australians prefer to call it, is now accepting job applications on Snapchat. With more than 4 million daily users, 82 per cent of whom are young people, Snapchat cannot be a better-suited place to hire young people.


McDonalds job applications snapchat

Image: McDonalds

How it works

Snapping a job at McDonalds via Snapchat is easy as 1-2-3. One: applicants need to scan a secret code that unlocks McDonald’s Snaplications lens which dresses users in Maccas’ uniform and bathes them in the light of a shining star of the future career. Two: they need to snap a 10-second video about themselves on Snapchat. And three: they need to send it to @Maccas on Snapchat.

Once the “snaplication” is reviewed, McDonald’s sends users to the digital careers hub where they can fill out a real job application form. While applying on Snapchat does not replace the traditional hiring process (for now), McDonalds sees this exercise as one of the “new and innovative ways to complement the existing hiring process.”


McDonalds job applications snapchat

McDonald’s Snaplication lense, demonstrated by @innavation


Not the first time snapping

Snapchat job applications campaign is not the first time McDonalds embraced the power of Snapchat. In December 2016 the company launched Snappable cups for its summer campaign in Australia. Users could snap the cups and send their creations to @Maccas on Snapchat for a chance to be featured on the company’s Snapchat channel.

Prior to that, Maccas was the first advertiser in Australia to advertise on Snapchat, creating a Geofilter that turned users’ faces into a burger and chips.


Maccas Snapchat filters

Image: McDonald’s

And not the first company to hire on Snapchat

While media were quick to name McDonalds as the first company to accept job applications on Snapchat, MetroStar Systems, an IT solutions company based in the U.S., started hiring millennials on Snapchat back in 2016. The company asks applicants to make a ‘Snapplication’ answering 5 questions and submit it on the company website.

Here’s an example of a Snapplication that landed Kyle Neuner, a computer science student, a 2017 summer internship at MetroStar.



Maccas on Snapchat

To follow McDonald’s Australia on Snapchat, scan the Snapcode below in your Snapchat app and add the account as a friend.


Maccas Snapchat job application

Follow McDonald’s Australia on Snapchat by adding @maccas as a friend


To follow McDonald’s international Snapchat account, simply add ‘mcdonalds’ by username on Snapchat or scan the Snapcode below:

mcdonalds snapchat name

Image: McDonalds on Twitter

Inna Semenyuk

Inna Semenyuk

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Inna Semenyuk

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