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Snapchat Snap Store Is a Hidden Treasure for Snapchat Fans

Are you in the market for Snapchat goodies? Then you’re in luck! Snap Inc. has recently launched Snap Store, “the premier (and honestly, only) place you can score official Snapchat clothes, goodies, and more đź‘»”. In Snapchat’s fashion, this is not a conventional store that you can easily access online. But a gamified fun hidden feature offered as a part of the Snapchat app.

With the Snapchat Plushie available in the Snap Store right now, new products will drop on 2/15/2018 @ 10:00 AM PST.


snapchat snap store


How to access Snapchat Snap Store

Snapchat Snap Store is only available in the Snapchat app. Here’s how you can access the store:

  • Open Snapchat and take a picture of the Snapcode above.
  • A popup message will appear giving you an option to open the store and subscribe to the updates. If you subscribe to the store, it will pop up in the Discover section when new items drop in the store.
  • Tap “Open” and see the product available in the store.
  • Choose the size/color of the item you want to order and proceed to check out the way you do it in any other e-commerce store.


snapchat snap store


snapchat snap store


What can you buy in the Snap Store?

According to the photos Snapchat shared on ProductHunt, these are the items being sold in Snapchat Snap Store (not all of the items are necessarily available at the same time):

  • Snapchat Plushie: small – $9.99, large – $12.99
  • Dancing Hot Dog Plush Doll: $19.99 (remember that Hot Dog filter that went viral?)
  • Streak Hat: $29.99
  • Winkface Sweatshirt: $49.99
  • Dog Lens Tee: $29.99
  • Bring Back Best Friends Sweatshirt: $49.99


snapchat snap store


snapchat snap store


Anything else you need to know?

Here are a few items to take note of when shopping at Snapchat Snap Store:

  • You can only experience Snap Store through Snapchat.
  • You need to have a Snapchat account in order to start shopping.
  • New things are added to Snap Store from time to time, with drop times announced on Snap Store page on the Snapchat website.
  • Snap Store currently accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®. Cash or gift cards are not accepted.
  • Snap Store is available in the US only
  • You can return it within 30 days of purchase, as long as it hasn’t been worn or washed.
  • Snap Store cannot refund items that have been used or weren’t purchased directly through the Snap Store.



Snapchat’s e-commerce agenda

One could previously order Snapchat goodies using a conventional (online shopping) method – by ordering it on Amazon, however, all of the items that were previously on sale are currently unavailable. Official Snapchat Plushie (Large) in the meantime became “a collectible” and is selling for $199 + shipping (compare to the original price of from $8.99 for the small Plushie).

Snapchat is still selling its Snapchat Spectacles through Snap Bots, located in public areas, shopping malls and dedicated Snapchat pop-up stores. You can also buy Snapchat Spectacles online, on Spectacles website:

While many are not considering Snapchat’s e-commerce effort to be a serious one, the company is doing two things with the Snap Store: they are taking the brand offline and turn Snapchat users into the brand ambassadors, and maximize profit by experimenting with the e-commerce business.

Inna Semenyuk

Inna Semenyuk

Marketing strategist, speaker and content creator, Inna, or @innavation on social media, runs InnavationLabs marketing consultancy in San Francisco and helps their brands tell their story. She set up Snapchat Daily to share all things Snapchat for business. Inna has a journalism degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an MBA from Imperial College London. She is also Singularity University alumna, ambassador and San Francisco Chapter lead.
Inna Semenyuk

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