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Stranger Things Snapchat Filter Has Arrived and It’s Really Scary

Warning: stop reading if you’re easily frightened, and if you’re not a Stranger Things fan. Thank you.

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated second series of Netflix’s original drama series, Stranger Things, the company has launched a chilling Stranger Things Snapchat 3D World Lens and filter. If the show has not been scary enough for you, the augmented experience lets you “walk” around Joyce’s living room and let blood drip from your nose when you point the camera to your face (the face lens is available in the US and Canada).



When using the Stranger Things Snapchat 3D World Lens, you can tap different elements of the room, such as the floral wallpaper, striped couch, painted alphabets and colored fairy lights, and discover and interact Stranger Things’ easter eggs, with the show’s scary song playing in the background.

Unlike other world lenses you might have experienced, Stranger Things Snapchat world lens doesn’t simply augment your reality but lets you “walk into” the Stranger Things space. That is, you won’t see the real-life objects you’re pointing at and your reality will be fully replaced with the show’s experience.



What’s also new for this lens is that, for the first time ever, you can unlock the lens using Shazam in Snapchat when you Shazam the show’s song in Snapchat – for example – when watching the show on Netflix. Alternatively, you can simply access it in the Snapchat app or scan the snapcode below:





Outside of Snapchat, Netflix partnered with a riding company Lyft in Philadelphia and Los Angeles offering users an immersive “Stranger Things” ride with scary lights and sounds, when they book a car in the “Strange Mode” on the app.

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Inna Semenyuk

Inna Semenyuk

Marketing strategist, speaker and content creator, Inna, or @innavation on social media, runs InnavationLabs marketing consultancy in San Francisco and helps their brands tell their story. She set up Snapchat Daily to share all things Snapchat for business. Inna has a journalism degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an MBA from Imperial College London. She is also Singularity University alumna, ambassador and San Francisco Chapter lead.
Inna Semenyuk

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