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2018 Winter Olympics Snapchat

You can watch 2018 Winter Olympics on Snapchat

After 35 million people watched over 230 million minutes of 2016 Rio Olympics’ NBC highlights on Snapchat in 2016, it was only a matter of time for NBC and Snapchat to partner again, for 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.

This time NBC, who is an investor in both Snap Inc. and Buzzfeed, will partner with Snapchat and Buzzfeed to produce content for Snapchat Discover, which will be available to Snapchat users in the U.S. in February 2018. Sports fans will be able to follow NBC Olympics coverage via daily “Our Stories” and “Publisher Stories.”

It is reported that within the partnership, “sales packages will include not only the Snap Ad slots that will run within Our Stories and Publisher Stories, but also opportunities to purchase national Geofilters and Lenses in the U.S.”

“Snapchat is an incredibly dynamic platform, offering unique coverage opportunities that allowed us to extend the broad reach of the Olympics during the Rio Games, especially engaging young fans,” said Gary Zenkel, President, NBC Olympics. “With Snapchat’s continually evolving platform, and with the expertise our partners at BuzzFeed have of creating relatable, sharable content, we are looking forward to bringing the depth and quality of this coverage to the next level for our audience and advertisers at the 2018 Winter Olympics.”

NBC Snapchat Stories will include behind-the-scenes from the Olympics and clips fro NBC’s PyeongChang Olympic content, as well as moments submitted by fans from PyeongChang and curated by Snapchat.

The NBC Olympics Winter Games Publisher Stories will include content co-produced by BuzzFeed on the ground in South Korea. Expect photos and videos with to athletes, highlight from the inside and outside PyeongChang Olympic venues, and other coverage from the event.

2018 Winter Olympics Snapchat content will go live at the beginning of February in the run up to The Opening Ceremony on February 9, 2018 and will run throughout the event till February 25, 2018. It will be available to Snapchat users based in the U.S.

Both the Our Stories and Publisher Stories will be available on Snapchat throughout the Winter Games, as well as during select key dates leading up to February. “NBCU owns the U.S. media rights across all platforms to the Olympic Games through 2032″.

Inna Semenyuk

Inna Semenyuk

Marketing strategist, speaker and content creator, Inna, or @innavation on social media, runs InnavationLabs marketing consultancy in San Francisco and helps their brands tell their story. She set up Snapchat Daily to share all things Snapchat for business. Inna has a journalism degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an MBA from Imperial College London. She is also Singularity University alumna, ambassador and San Francisco Chapter lead.
Inna Semenyuk

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  1. Marcin Nieweglowski

    It’s a logical move by Snapchat team. First, Spiegel’s team wants to be a new television breaking a current system down and rob it – as you know, telly possesses the biggest advertising budgets. Second, according to many studies, this kind of content draws 35+ age demographic which is crucial if Snap is reckoning to reach break-even as fast as it’s possible. Third, nowadays we see how every social media giants (Facebook, Twitter) struggle to gain exclusive sports content.

    However, this kind of partnership is a huge challenge for Snapchat reliability. Still, Snapchat users aren’t interested in reading Discover Tab. On average, 1 million of them do it every day. In my opinion, Spiegel’s next move should be focusing on comedy content which is popular on Snapchat.

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